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Square Rugs

Beautiful Collection of Square Rugs and Square Size Carpets

Our collection of antique square rugs has been carefully curated to include only the finest artistic masterpieces from around the world. With so many vibrant colors and interesting patterns, these square rugs are aesthetically pleasing and a delightful addition to any room. The artists‘ clever use of lines and textures breathes new life into these rugs and their countries of origin.

The beauty of lands like Spain, India, and collectors, designers, and anyone who is looking to enjoys the woven arts and simply needs that special and rare square proportion to fit their space.

Square rugs offer decorators a unique way to look at traditional angular designs. Though they are often used similarly to rectangular rugs when they cover a sufficient surface, they are unique in that their perfect symmetry allows them to be set in even more configurations. Depending on the existing furnishings, homeowners can apply the size of the rug as a way to unify different sections of the room.

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The larger square rugs are particularly advantageous because they can be set in the room in the same defining manner as any rectangular rug. Furniture options should be set on top of square rugs with the feet set on the surface of the rug itself. If the texturing on the rug is relatively short, the feet will not take away from the rug’s imagery, and the symmetrical arrangement of the furniture will complement the unique designs rendered on the surface. Most square rugs are also versatile because they do not need to be arranged in a square formation.

If you have the space available in the room, it is recommended for you to try rotating the rug so that it appears as a diamond. In this arrangement, you can create a unique sense of symmetry in the room by assigning furniture to the edges of the diamond. This results in a kaleidoscopic effect that highlights the individual details on the rug while still showcasing the best of your furniture. In such a way, you can convey a sense of decorative creativity without having to adhere to any particular set of design rules.

One of the best ways to emphasize function over form in such a configuration is to play with the concept of symmetry in the arrangement of the furniture. Set irregularly sized furniture along the different sections of the square rug to lead the viewer’s eye along an uneven vista. The motion from one type of furniture to the next can result in a much more pleasing variation of style, especially if a single common theme is still applied to the décor as a whole.

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View our current vintage and antique collection of square rugs below:

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