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Shawls Antique

View This Beautiful Collection of fine Antique Shawls

Antique Shawls – Throughout the 19th century, Kerman a province in southern Iran was celebrated for its exquisite Persian / Kerman shawls rather than for carpet weaving. These antique shawls – which are beautiful, ethereal works of art – were complex in their use of traditional Persian floral patterns, French red roses known as Gol Farangue, Botteh (paisley), Sarri Botteh (cypress like paisley), tree of life, vase, nightingale, and garden design.

The tight overall pattern and fineness of the weave is complimented by a delicate and harmonious color palate. Not surprisingly, the primary designs of Kerman carpets were adapted from these shawls. And when the growing demand for oriental rug production increased these experienced weavers turned their attention and talents to the carpet weaving.

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