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Room Size Rugs

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* Room Size rugs are those that measure 8 feet to 15 feet in length

Nazmiyal offers the most extensive selection of room size rugs from all rug-producing countries across the world, including pieces from India, Persia, Turkey, China, Europe, and more. Room size antique rugs range in sizes from 9 feet long to 15 feet long, and are generally the sort of rugs intended for use in the primary spaces in your home. Rugs that are “room size” are ideally suited for spaces such as the living room, family room, dining room, or bedroom.

Because every major rug-producing country has produced its own room size rugs, antique rugs in this size range vary tremendously in terms of design and come in nearly every color and style imaginable. More refined rugs are well suited for formal spaces, while more modern design may be better suited for less traditional rooms.

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Room Size Rugs vs. Area Rugs – Rugs offer a useful means of defining and dividing space. They can serve as an anchor or focus for grouping furniture, or breaking a room up into two or more functional areas. To do so, however, one should decide whether to use one or more large rugs, or multiple smaller rugs. There are no hard and fast rules for approaching such decisions. This relies largely on what one needs to do with the space functionally, and on personal preference. But this is a decision that needs to be made early on in the process of choosing the rug.

Larger room size rugs that will cover a substantial portion or majority of the floor space offer the advantage of visual unity for the room with furniture distributed across the rug surface. But a number of smaller rugs will accomplish the job of covering the floor, while creating multiple foci for several groupings of furniture. Multiple smaller rugs also give the impression of greater space. But even if one opts to use larger rugs, it is important visually not to cover the entire floor surface of the room. Leaving a substantial margin of floor around a room size rug will make the room look bigger.

If you are interested in rugs that measure less than 8 feet in length, explore our selection of small rugs.

For rugs greater than 15 feet in length but less than 20 feet in length, browse our collection of large size rugs.

Rugs that measure more than 20 feet are categorized as extra large rugs.

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View our current antique selection of rugs in room sizes below:

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