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Portuguese Rugs

Beautiful Antique Portuguese Needlepoints and Rugs

Antique Portuguese Needlepoints and Rugs – Portuguese rugs are renowned for its embroidered carpets worked in wool on linen. No known tradition exists in Portugal for weaving knotted pile carpets, although Moorish carpet weavers until the early 15th century until they were expelled. Arraiolos, Portuguese needlework carpets, are from a town in the province of Alto Alentejo in south-central Portugal. These rugs are extremely varied, including adaptations of rococo ornament, geometric folk art motifs and imitations of Antolian rugs.

The Portuguese are also known for weaving specific types of Portuguese rugs that are called Alpujarra Rugs. These floor coverings from Portugal are unique and feature pile in loops, made primarily in Spain from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century in the Alpujarras district,  which is located south of Granada.

Below you can view our current antique collection of Portuguese Needlepoints and rugs:

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