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Antique Tehran Rugs – Rugs began to produced in Tehran, the modern Persian capital, in the late nineteenth century to early 20th century. They tended to be made with classical Persian designs of medallion and allover type and sometimes with pictorial motifs. There are Tehran prayer rugs as well.

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Most Tehrans were mid- sized rugs, and they were woven with asymmetrical knots in a variety of grades ranging in knot density from the low one-hundreds to over eight hundred. The Tehran production may claim at least one famous master weaver, Seyd Abolfat-Rasam Arabzadeh. From the outset Tehran rugs established a reputation for good quality, but in the last sixty years their quality has actually improved under the direction of new master weavers, causing them to be more and more sough after.

Tehran is the capital of Iran – the country historically referred to as Persia, and the greatest carpet-producing country in the world. However, while traditional rugs have been woven in a variety of style throughout Persia for centuries and centuries, Tehran itself only became a center of antique rug production after the great revival of Persian weaving was underway in the late nineteenth century.

For while traditional centers of Persian rug production, such as Khorassan, Bidjar, and Heriz have rug-making traditions dating back as long as any in the world, Tehran itself simply did not develop its own approach to rug-making until relatively recently. As a result, Tehran rugs are rather distinct from their other Persian cousins.

And even though Tehran has not long been a center of antique Persian rug production, it did not take long for the Persian capital to develop its own high standard in making carpets with designs of classical Persian derivation, on a par with other centers like Tabriz or Kashan.

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