Fine Antique Haji Jalili Tabriz Persian Rug 3035

Price: $145,000.00

| Size: 9 ft 4 in x 13 ft (2.84 m x 3.96 m)Print

This antique Persian carpet is a magnificent example of classic Tabriz design and workmanship.

Magnificent and Extremely Fine Antique Tabriz Rug by Master Weaver Haji Jalili, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa Date – Late 19th Century (Around 1880) – A capital of the Iranian province of Azerbaijan, the ancient city of Tabriz maintained a lengthy and distinguished reputation as a center for culture, architecture and carpet weaving . Under the Qajar dynasty, it became the wealthiest city in the Persian empire and has been especially acclaimed for its fine carpets woven in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. This carpet is a magnificent example of that heritage and displays all the elements of a classic Tabriz. The visual impact of the central medallion is moderated by a soft celadon hue that allows it to blend harmoniously with other colors throughout the antique rug, such as the ivory ground and the palest aqua in the corners. This same celadon dye is used again in the border to give the piece an exquisite balance. Highlights of cranberry appear in the fine, filigreed details of arabesques and blossoms, adding sparkle and character to the surfaces as they accentuate the sinuous drawing in various motifs.The border components of alternating cartouches and rosettes express a rhythmic architectural structure that provides a satisfying counterpoint to the graceful fluidity found in the field.

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