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Antique Vase Design Brown Earth Tone Persian Tabriz Rug 50445

Size: 10 ft x 13 ft 7 in (3.05 m x 4.14 m)Print

Magnificent And Extremely Fine Antique Vase Design Brown Earth Tone Persian Tabriz Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1920 This brown earth tone color rug is a magnificently decorative and fine antique Persian Tabriz rug. The beautiful combination of both the vase design and the subsequent tree of life pattern that is sprouting out of the vase is the work of a masterful Persian rug weaver.

The field of this antique Persian rug is adorned with a beautiful array of small intricately designed delicate flower patterns. These refined floral patterns are woven together with great complexity and symmetry, filling the central field with a vast multitude of easily distinguishable petals and leaves. While this antique carpet features quite a lot of pattern, due to the soft earth tone coloration, it does not feel busy or crowded.  When viewed as a whole from afar, the forms actually give way to the background allowing the negative space to convey a serene and open feeling.

Crafted with mostly earthy browns, the artisan also subtly highlighted the brown earth tone Persian Tabriz rug with light patches of ghost like powder blue color. These can mostly be seen in the floral petals of the field and then they are complimented by touches of the same color in the border as well. The border itself is bold enough to create just enough contrast while also transitioning smoothly to carry the warm earth tonality through to its edges. This translates into a beautifully artistic feeling of flow and continuity.

Taken all together this beautiful antique rug weaves a delicate tapestry of intricate individual patterns together into a cohesive and well formed structure. This brown earth tone Persian Tabriz rug offers a peaceful backdrop without overtly drawing attention to itself. That said, when one takes the time to look closer this magnificent antique Oriental rug offers a myriad of deep and satisfying patterns for the eye to dance over and delight in.

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