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Antique Persian Tabriz Rug 50627


Size: 12 ft 8 in x 17 ft 4 in (3.86 m x 5.28 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

An elegant large antique Persian Tabriz rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa date: 1900’s – This stately, exquisite antique Persian Tabriz rug brings a touch of elegance to any room and home decor. Woven around the turn of the 20th century, this antique Persian rug brings a lot of character and history to the space. The herati fish design pattern is carried out in exquisite detail using only a simple palette of colors.

The large size rug features an all over design with a wide formal main border. Several unique features of the design make this antique rug stand out. The most noticeable is the difference in scale between the flowers in the field and those in the main border. The field of this large antique Tabriz rug consists of a regularly spaced array of tiny flowers that are much smaller in comparison to the flowers in the main border. Two matching guard borders surround the main border and make it stand out. This has the unusual effect of making the main border appear to be the focal point of the Tabriz rug, instead of the central design of the field. This unique treatment of design features makes this a truly one of a kind piece.

The beautiful rusty red, sky blue, brown and ivory of the Persian Oriental rug blend beautifully to create a sophisticated and warm design. The treatment of proportion between the field and borders of the Tabriz rug make it an excellent piece to place under a piece of furniture such as a dining room table, sofa, or to define a conversation space within the room. It is a versatile antique carpet that would work well in almost any design from traditional to modern. Regardless of where you choose to use it, it is a truly exquisite piece of art.

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