Antique Oversized Tabriz Persian Carpet by Haji Jalili 50262

Price: $165,000.00 Sale: $132,000.00

| Size: 16 ft x 25 ft 4 in (4.88 m x 7.72 m)Print

Finely Woven Antique Oversized Tabriz Persian Carpet by Haji Jalili, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa date: 1900 — Like most traditional Tabriz carpets, this antique Persian Tabriz rug┬árevels in complex details and interconnected floral patterns. Several attractive borders of rich cream, sandy taupe, jet black and pomegranate red stand out against each other, drawing the eye inward, where the viewer can marvel at the exquisite details painstakingly set in each oval shape within the borders. The largest border features the most intricate scenes laid out within its locket-like portraits. All the layers of color and flow in this Haji Jalili carpet meet together at the center of the carpet, the lines of motion distinct, yet unified in a single beautiful blossom.

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