Room Size Antique Sultanabad Persian Rug 49361

Price: $58,000.00

| Size: 10 ft 4 in x 14 ft (3.15 m x 4.27 m)Print

Beautiful Room size Antique Sultanabad Persian Rug 49361, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1880 - As a bold addition to any collection, this antique Persian Sultanabad rug is equally impressive in both size and design. Everything about this piece begs the viewer's attention. From the center of the antique Persian rug, three rows of rug patterns and designs march across a bright background in neat formation, with vines, floral and feathers accenting the larger, cyclops-like medallions. The outside border reverses the look, with a dark background greeting bright medallions with cream accents, each connected with a vine-like motif that gracefully weaves in and out around the perimeter. A wide border with delicate patterns hugs each section, finishing the beautiful antique Oriental rug with a single strip of bright color.

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