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Large Blue Background Sultanabad Persian Rug 49300

Size: 12 ft 10 in x 16 ft (3.91 m x 4.88 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Tiered blossoms unfurl across the pattern of this antique Persian rug, symmetrically placed to instill a sense of balance. Feathery fronds in dark blue and rusty orange nestle alongside each bloom, curling around smaller blossoms, linked to the larger pattern by angular stems and vines. The magnificent light steel blue central field of this antique Oriental rug is enclosed by a set of orange-toned borders, the complementary colors creating unity and equilibrium. Large scale round rug flower motifs with many petals in white or blue alternate around the artwork, accompanied on each side by stylized leaves. Two smaller bands flank the central border of this breathtaking antique Persian Sultanabad rug, filled with tiny, matching flowers on a winding vine.

Beautiful Large Light Blue Background Antique Sultanabad Persian Rug 49300, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1900 – The highly skilled rug weavers of some of the best the antique Persian Sultanabad rugs have a distinct style that makes them unique among the antique Persian rug weaving traditions of the world. This beautiful large size rug was woven around the turn of the 20th century and is a truly phenomenal example. The care and quality that went into weaving this spectacular antique rug are still apparent in its vibrant colors and traditional design features.

The field of this beautiful antique Oriental rug features a brilliant blue background and floral elements rendered in rich colors that allow the design to stand out, yet do not have an overpowering effect in the room. The artist distributed the colors throughout the design, creating a balance as the field and borders both receive equal attention.

One of the unique characteristics of this rug is that, at first, it appears to feature a central design that serves as a medallion. However, if you look more closely, it appears that the entire field design has shifted to one end. The medallion is not in the exact center of the design. This creates interest and makes it appear as if the design is part of a larger antique carpet that has been cut out and framed. This creates the illusion of size and scale that go beyond the borders of the rug.

This is a grand, stately large antique Persian rug that would be well suited for traditional and classic room décor. It could also serve as a point of interest in a contemporary design. Regardless of where it calls its finals home, this rich, colorful Sultanabad Persian rug will add stateliness and charm to any room.

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