Decorative Antique Persian Sultanabad Mahal Rug 48731



10 ft 5 in (3.17 m)


14 ft 6 in (4.42 m)

Decorative Antique Persian Sultanabad Mahal Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: First Quarter of The 20th century РLike many antique Persian Mahal rugs, this beautiful antique Persian rug relies on fine details and skillful color choices to paint a beautiful portrait. Rich gold and orange hues stand as the defining elements throughout, leading the viewer in through a complicated series of vines, fronds and petals. A thick, black border is surrounded by two thinner ones, the Stygian space standing as the perfect background for the more vibrant and lighter-toned elements. At the core of this antique Oriental rug is a brilliant field of vermilion, highlighting the gold elements within like a sun shining upon a beautiful field of flowers. Round mandalas connect with other floral elements through thin offshoots at their edges, creating a floral network that captivates and intrigues.

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