Antique Persian Mahal Rug 50287

Price: $4,900.00


4 ft 4 in (1.32 m)


6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)

Antique Persian Mahal Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa: 1920 — There is a growing misconception that Sultanabad Rugs & Mahal Rugs were both woven in the same place – Arak. But in reality, Sultanabad rugs were woven in Arak while Mahal carpets were woven in the city of Mahallat which is also known as Maḩallāt-e Bālā or Mahallāt Bāla, which, according to the 2006 census, has a population of 35,319, & 10,285 families. There are some differences in look and feel, it is mostly the weave and texture that set them apart. Rugs from Mahal tend to have a courser weave, the wool is not as lustrous and the design is not as refined as those that were produced in Arak ( Sultanabad ). Price is also a factor, since the carpets from Sultanabad are considered better quality and are feature designs that are more interesting they were always more expensive than their Mahal counterparts.

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