Antique Persian Mashad Rugs and Meshad Carpets

Persian Mashad Rugs / Meshad Rugs – Antique Persian rugs range tremendously in style and design, a result of the long and important rug-making tradition that has been part of Persian society for centuries.
Antique Persian Mashad Rugs by Nazmiyal
Almost every region of Persia (which is coterminous with modern day Iran) has its own particular style and method for weaving fine rugs and carpets, and it can be amazing to behold this tremendous range. Among the traditional styles of Persian rugs, one of the most interesting is the Mashad (or Meshad) style, which is itself a Khorassan style. Mashad itself is a holy city in the Iranian province of Khorassan (from which the Khorassan style derives its name), which is situated in eastern Iran. Mashad is particularly important to practicing Muslims, as it was home the eighth Imam, who died and was buried there. Millions make the pilgrimage to Mashad every year.

Antique rugs and carpets produced in Mashad in the traditional style are notable for several reasons, and are relatively easily identified based on several different characteristics. First, Meshad rugs tend to be larger pieces. They also tend to feature a large, elaborate central medallion – a characteristic that is not unique to Mashad rugs, but that is nevertheless important. Further, Meshad rugs tend to possess a certain softness, especially compared to other Khorassan rugs – the quality of the wool used by the rug-makers of Mashad is second to none. Known for their beauty and their quality, which is assuredly second to none, Meshad rugs remain very desirable in the rug world of today, centuries after they were first woven.

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