Large Blue Antique Kerman Persian Rug 49331

Size: 14 ft 9 in x 19 ft 4 in (4.5 m x 5.89 m)Print

Breathtaking¬†Large Blue Antique Kerman Persian Rug 49331, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1900 – Like many of the best Persian antique Kerman rugs, this beauty is unique because of its presentation of color and contrast. By defining the color palette through two primary tones, the artist is able to showcase a more powerful divide between the negative and positive space. This allows the action at the foreground of this large rug to appear in a much more pronounced way to the viewer, particularly at the heart of the antique Persian rug, where the curling patterns are at their most visible. The use of these two colors also plays with the viewer’s perception of negative and positive space, allowing the two to appear almost interchangeable, which adds to the artistic value found within the antique rug’s beautiful details.

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