hr Antique Vase Kerman Persian Rug 45102

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Antique Vase Kerman Persian Rug 45102 is Sold
Style: Kerman Rugs | Origin: Persian Rugs | Size: 14 ft 10 in x 22 ft 6 in (4.52 m x 6.86 m)
Antique Vase Kerman Persian Rug 45102

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Antique Kerman Rug, Persia, circa 1900 - This antique vase Kerman features precision, detail and excellence in every area from the clarity of the colors to the composition and execution. The elegant all-over arabesque includes complex rosettes, detail-rich palmettes and ornate vases filled with branching floral sprays and sinuous vinescrolls. Recurving spirals and intertwining vinescrolls maintain an appealing level of natural symmetry throughout the all-over pattern. Brilliant red palmettes with curved petals reveal ivory details that add an extra level of depth and dimension to the overall design. Woven circa 1900, this spectacular carpet features an obscure midnight blue field that highlights the detail of the hairline branches and the superlative curves of each palmette and floral element. Ivory and muted blue guardbands decorated with arching floral chains complete the composition of this elegant carpet from Kerman while crimson borders decorated with two sets of intertwining vinescrolls double the elaborate effect of the exquisite pattern.