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Antique Karajeh Rugs – High-quality rugs have been manufactured by artisans across the world for centuries. Because countries as far apart as Sweden and India each boast a long and proud history of rug-making, the task of categorizing antique rugs can be daunting. As such, experts in the field refer to antique rugs based upon the region in which they were constructed.

Thus, “Persian Rug” is an umbrella term that is used to describe any rug made in historical Persia, or present day Iran. Such rugs are delineated from one another based on the unique characteristics of the region in which they were produced. For example, Karajeh rugs are from a very specific area.

Produced in the Karajeh, a small village near Tabriz these rugs are distinguished by their use of triple and allover medallions. Although the standard Heriz medallion is used, smaller Karajeh Persian rugs are ornamented with medallions from earlier tribal runners. Karajeh rugs use soft earth colors and use geometric patterns. Among the most appealing and intriguing styles of Persian rugs, Karajehs represent a lovely development in the history of artisanal rug weaving.

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