Blue Room Size Antique Persian Isfahan Rug 50333

Price: $14,250.00

| Size: 7 ft x 11 ft 8 in (2.13 m x 3.56 m)Print

Blue Background Antique Room Size Isfahan Rug, Country of Origin: Persian, Circa Date: 1920’s — When first looking upon this Persian Isfahan rug, it can be easy for the viewer to feel almost overwhelmed by its sheer intricacy. Floral designs grow on every space of the central portion of this antique rug, giving this beautiful room size carpet an impression of having been taken straight out of a meadow in full bloom, complete with an variety of plant life twining around its borders.

Despite its incredibly ornate nature, this blue background room size antique Persian Isfahan rug has a unity to it that elevates it to a status higher even than each of its carefully woven parts. The interior design is heavily detailed, but always with a sense of restraint. It’s evident that the weaver valued the Persian rug’s symmetry and held concern for the geometrical portions of the rug’s design. Each flower in the center has just enough space to allow it to stand out from its neighbors, and also to allow the gorgeous deep blue of the background to shine through.

The antique Persian Isfahan rug  is intricate without being crowded, detail-focused but without losing sight of its larger design. In this case, the larger design is a series of medallions nestled within one another, one an earthy brown and the other a dark indigo. The gold color of the flowers and the borders contrasts nicely with the darker background. For this reason, the blue rug color shines through against the bright floral details, like glimpses of the darkness of space in a night full of stars.

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