Extremely Rare and Beautiful Antique Persian Bakshaish Rug 48720

Price: $88,000.00

| Size: 13 ft 6 in x 16 ft 6 in (4.11 m x 5.03 m)Print

Antique Persian Bakshaish Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1880– This exquisitely ornate antique rug from Persia features a dark field brimming with interconnected floral forms. Each ornate, colorful blossom leads to the next by way of geometrically meandering stems and vines, sprouting with smaller flowers and delicate leaves. The regularly spaced lotuses and other blooms create a symmetrical pattern, full of rich orange, red, blue, brown and white, the disparate colors forming a cohesive whole against the black background. A trio of borders encloses this area, their straight bars filled with interwoven flowers and leaves on this Bakshaish rug. The central, widest band is backed in blue and white arabesques sweep through the muted shade like vines seeking a hold.