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Antique Room Size Persian Sarouk Farahan Carpet 50149

Size: 10 ft 4 in x 13 ft 3 in (3.15 m x 4.04 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Antique room sized Persian Farahan carpet 50149 by Nazmiyal Beautiful Blue Background Room Size Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan Carpet, Countru of Origin: Persia,  Circa Date: 1900 — Vibrant color sets the tone throughout this beautifully rendered carpet from Persia. Showcasing classic elements of Persian style, the carpet is an engaging mix of fiery hues and muted backgrounds, creating an effect akin to a clear night sky brimming with stars. A stark, ruby red border frames the eclectic center of the antique Persian Sarouk Farahn carpet. Within the border are flowing, dandelion yellow vines, which are connecting throughout as they elegantly draw attention to feathery displays of rich blue and white leaves. The largest border itself is surrounded by multiple layers, each of which lead the viewer’s eye to the center of the antique room size Persian Sarouk Farahan carpet , where rich blossoms of all colors bloom against a black background.

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