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Antique Bidjar Persian Runner Rug 50280

Size: 3 ft 2 in x 12 ft 9 in (0.97 m x 3.89 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Antique Bidjar Carpet, Persia, 1920 —¬†This stunning carpet features a relatively simple pattern that only accentuates the remarkable degree of craftsmanship present in every stitch. Two large borders, which are divided by rich red hemming, featuring angular instances of flowing petals and dancing flowers. The outermost border and the larger of the two showcases a vibrant gold background, while the smaller, inner border features a backdrop of deep cobalt. At the very center of the Bidjar carpet is a long black background that features a procession of vibrantly hued boteh shapes arranged in three flowing columns.

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