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Decorative Antique Persian Bibkabad Shabby Chic Rug 50680

Size: 6 ft 10 in x 9 ft 3 in (2.08 m x 2.82 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Antique Persian Bibkabad Shabby Chic Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1920 – The center design of this decorative antique Persian Bibikabad rug ¬†consists of a light neutral cream colored background. The center’s design is comprised of a series of three floral arrangements and vines interspersed with medallions. These medallions are themselves flowering, with a sun setting off each end design from the central one, then the pattern is repeated.

The warm color hues of subtle tans come alive, as if looking into a tranquil lily pond on a bright sunny day. Each element in the beautiful antique Persian rug is outlined in brown. There’s a rich display of complexity to capture the attention as one aspect flows seamlessly into the next. This decorative antique shabby chic rug features a narrow border, that frames the center and consists of a soft brownish tan background and is filled with a vine scroll design in darker earth tones. The slightly wider periphery surrounding it is patterned in alternating shades of tans and cream paisley designs with a brown flower petal placed in among the paisley leaves at just the right point.

The widest, outer border depicts the soft yellow background for alternating designs of lilies and flowering medallions. The neutral lilies are set off on a cream background by a brown outline. Each lily leads to a medallion, the center of which is cream and outlined by brown, and is abloom with yellow petals surrounding it. They are reminiscent of oases amid miles of sand. The wider border is then followed by the repeated pattern of the paisley and flower petal border, and completed with the narrow scroll design in yellow. This shabby chic textured antique Oriental rug is a beautiful and quite decorative example of its kind and is sure to work in almost any interior design setting.

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