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Antique Persian Baluch Bag 46121

Size: 1 ft 9 in x 3 ft 6 in (0.53 m x 1.07 m)Print

Decorative tassels, couched details, ancient protection symbols and graphic counterchange patterns are combined in this outstanding Baluch bag from Persia.

Antique Persian Baluch Bag, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa date: First Quarter of the 20th Century – This exquisite antique bag created in Persia features a distinctive two-face body that is decorated with a rich variety of geometric patterns and crisp protection symbols that are rendered in a graphic combination of robust brown and clear white. Rows of towering stacked lozenges set over a white background create a phenomenal counter change pattern that effortlessly switches from clear white saw-tooth motifs to a series of subtle stacked lozenges embellished with warm brown highlights. Segmented rosettes, intricate reciprocating latch hooks and distinctive wolf’s mouth motifs bookend the beautifully patterned body. The distinctive tribal appearance and symbolic composition is embellished with richly colored fringes that emphasize the traditional style of this exemplary Baluch bag.

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