Beautiful Collection of Pakistani Rugs

Pakistani rugs are often overlooked gems. These fabulously decorative carpets grew out of the Mughal Empire and contributions from Persia’s strong industry. The results are many Pak-Persian designs featuring Indian-influenced variations on Safavid patterns.

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Today, Pakistani rugs are synonymous with the Turkmen-style gul rugs that were marketed in Bokhara. However, Pakistani rugs are much more diverse. The first and perhaps the greatest regional rugs were produced in Lahore when Mughal Emperors controlled the area. These stunning carpets are still renowned for their quality and decorative value. Rugs from Lahore typically feature stylized Mughal patterns.

Angular Caucasian-style carpets are also produced in Pakistan as are Persian-influenced arabesques, which are associated with Peshawar. For stylish, timeless carpets with value and quality, Pakistani rugs are an excellent choice.

One of the most well known style of Pakistani carpets must be the Peshawar rugs. These new carpets feature well-defined designs and sophisticated compositions with soft, naturally varied colors. The recent popularity of Peshawar rugs has been enhanced by the wide availability of sizes and patterns.

Pakistan and the Pashawar region are known for their tribal Chobi rugs, but they also produce many Mughal-style patterns, large-scale Persian arabesques and Ziegler-style designs that have a romantic Anglicized appearance. The soft vegetable dye colors and natural abrash are distinctive traits associated with Peshawar rugs. Like the Anglo-Persian designer carpets from the late 1800’s, modern Peshawar rugs have an elegant style and timeless appearance that is ideal for traditional decor.

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Showing all 4 results