Silk Room Size Persian Qum Rug 49399

Price: $66,000.00 Sale: $52,800.00

| Size: 9 ft 6 in x 12 ft 8 in (2.9 m x 3.86 m)Print

Beautiful Silk  Room Size Persian Qum Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Modern Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – At nine feet by twelve feet, this modern silk Persian Qum rug is large enough to fully cover the floor of a small room. Featuring a medallion pattern with a mandala-style shape in the center with two long arms extending out from the top and bottom, this modern Persian silk rug calls to mind an abstract clock. The entire modern Persian rug is filled with sprays of flowers and other traditional figures.

The color scheme of this magnificent room size rug consists primarily of warm colors as the background, with cooler tones and some paler shades used more sparingly, such as in the corners of the center motif, in order to set off the design. In most cases the cooler shades are used to create the design elements themselves, with some rare exceptions.

This silk modern room size Persian Qum rug differs slightly from many others, in that it features multiple borders between the edges of the carpet and the center section. This beautiful and fine Oriental rug has a small, large, small border pattern which serves as a nice frame for the center work.