Antique Italian Tapestry Depicting Caesar Augustus 47325

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This impressive antique Italian tapestry harkens to the classical aesthetics of the Roman Empire, depicting Caesar Augustus in exquisite detail against a gold-colored field.

Antique Italian Tapestry, Origin: Italy, Circa: 1880 – Here is a fascinating antique tapestry: a late nineteenth century Italian piece practically overflowing with classical beauty. Harkening back to the aesthetic values of the Roman Emperors, this fetching tapestry depicts none other than Caesar Augustus himself, resplendent in a central field replete with romanesque and latinate designs. A procession of noble Roman women are pictured above Caesar Augustus, as well as on either side of him, giving this amazing tapestry the impression that it is commemorating something especially significant. The muted pallet of soft golds, browns and reds serve to give the tapestry a quiet air fo sophistication while at the same time framing the composition in the context of classical design. This fascinating and unique tapestry is a special piece, with an appealing subject and a mastery of execution.

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