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Italian Tapestry Depicting Julius Caesar 47324

Size: 8 ft x 12 ft 4 in (2.44 m x 3.76 m)Print

Antique Italian Julius Caesar Tapestry, Origin: Italy, Circa: 1880 – Here is a beautiful antique tapestry: a late nineteenth century Italian Tapestry, composed with the standards of classical beauty as a guiding light. Harkening back to the preferred aesthetics of the Roman Empire, this masterful tapestry depicts none other than the great Julius Caesar himself, resplendent in a central field replete with Romanesque and Latinate designs. Not to be missed is the figure of “Fortuna,” Latin for “fortune,” personified, who stand below Caesar as though supporting him. A soft pallet of golds, browns and reds serve to give this tapestry a quiet air of sophistication while at the same time framing the composition in the context of classical design. This gorgeous tapestry is a special piece, with an appealing subject and a mastery of execution.

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