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Investment Rugs – Today the new investment trend is toward hard commodities whose value has been demonstrated and stabilized over the long term. Within this climate antiques generally have assumed a new status and desirability as investments because they have weathered the test of time and taste so well, and because their rarity causes demand to become ever more competitive, which in turn makes their value escalate. In addition to their appeal as investments, antique carpets and other decorative furnishings remain what they have always been, objects of art that beautify the home as expressions of taste and sophistication.

Investment rugs can come in any rug patterns, size, and origin as the only defining factor in investment quality rugs is desirability. This common characteristic can be seen in such rugs as this exemplary Cairene rug from the 16th century, this immaculate silk Tabriz rug, and this one-of-a-kind polychrome rendition of Persepolis by master weaver Aboul Ghasem Kermani.

Caring For Your Antique Investment Rugs

Good antique rugs have a proven track record when it comes to investment. Like any other investment that you may own, such as your house or antique paintings and furniture, you must take care of them in order to help maintain their value. With rugs it is easier than you may think. Naturally one needs to keep the piece clean, so we suggest vacuuming your rugs regularly based on how much traffic they get.

For example, a library rug that you walk on just a few times a day would not need vacuuming more than once or twice a month, but your entry hall rug which gets the most traffic and dirt would probably need to be vacuumed once a week. Every two to three years we suggest you have your rugs picked up and professionally cleaned. Also, to assure uniform wear we suggest rotating your rug after each cleaning.

These simple but very effective measures will aid in adding many years to the life of your rug. When it comes to fraying, unraveling, or holes we suggest getting immediate assistance. As in life, the more you put it off the worse off you may be in the long run. A small hole or wear area will grow and grow, and before you know it a minor and inexpensive matter could evolve into an avoidable headache which can cost you hundreds or even thousands more than if you had attended to it immediately.

Rug investment trends and trends in antique carpet investing

Rug Trends – I was asked by a young collector about recent rug trends in the antique rug industry and thought it would be nice to share some of my thoughts. It is my feeling that the wave of the future may just rest in the past. As a part of the antique rug trade for the last 12 years, I can’t help but fall in love with a new rug every single day. Rugs, tapestries and textiles of the late 19th century are some of the most beautiful / decorative art forms in the world, and there are days when I can’t help but feel like a kid in candy store. As the years go by, I tend to gravitate more towards the early rugs of the 16th and 17th centuries. Some of these early antique rugs are a true testament to the greatness of empires long forgotten.

It feels like no matter how omnipotent and grand the empire might have been (like the Safavid, Mamluk, Mughal and Ottoman) they were no match for the longevity of the art that they bestowed onto us all. Early rugs have a uniqueness that cannot be matched, and they are the best examples of the roots from which this whole industry eventually blossomed. More and more young collectors are turning away from the art world in favor of antique rugs. Economically, it makes a great amount of sense… if someone would like to acquire a painting by an old master, it would be practically impossible to find one for less than $1,000,000 (and naturally, that is a very low estimate and by no means is representative of any great piece from any such artist).

In contrast, early pieces are still tremendously undervalued. For a fraction of the price of a great work of art, one can easily attain one of the best early pieces in the world – a true museum-quality piece (a term that is used all too loosely in our industry). Fortunately for me, I work for one of the world’s top wholesalers of great antique carpets. Jason’s taste is not in the interest of buying purely for the sake of making money.

That is why so many unique pieces come through our doors every year. It is my opinion that over these next few years (and as the economy around the world strengthens) this continuing interest in early pieces will only escalate. If I were a gambling man, I would surely bet the house on these pieces (and I guess I kind of am)! I will follow up with some additional entries and examples of such rugs.

Therefore, we suggest that if you have any concerns or questions about your rugs please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Learning About Antique Investment Rugs

Should Investment Potential Be a Factor When buying a Rug?

Although initially financial investment or value may not be your primary motivation for buying a rug, it is worth considering. Collector and designer trends or demands can affect the value of antique rugs. Those in high demand will tend to have high prices, so following trends can he costly.

Over the long term rarest and best example of antique rugs will hold their value. The track record indicates that they will actually increase in value over time (unless the rug was purchased during a hot trend at peak price).

Buying rugs with the investment potential in mind offers flexibility down the road. Should one’s needs or tastes change, an antique rug that maintains it’s intrinsic value can be traded in and credit will be given towards any new purchases, or, it can simply be sold as liquid asset.

Investment potential is therefore a reason to purchase an antique rather than a new rug, whose value will not hold or increase after the initial purchase.

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Showing 1–40 of 49 results