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Large Soft Mauve Antique Indian Agra Carpet 70041

Size: 11 ft 10 in x 15 ft 8 in (3.61 m x 4.78 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Beautiful and Extremely Decorative Large Size and Soft Mauve Color Antique Indian Agra Carpet, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Indian Rugs, Circa Date: Late 19th Century РSubtle mauve colors and mellowed crimson create curves in this large sized antique Indian Agra rug. The city of Agra is an area rich in cultural history and tradition. This antique Indian rug was produced in the late 19th century in an area the is known for its long standing tradition of producing high quality antique rugs that are considered masterpieces.

Agra rugs are considered individual and highly prized works of textile art and this one is no exception. The beautiful blending of mauve, tans, and burgundy of this antique large size rug give it a warm and welcoming feel. The beautiful colors of this Indian Agra rug have faded over time allowing it to develop a character that makes the individual details of the rug stand out more so than when the bright colors were in their glory. It allows the subtle shading leaves and floral elements to take a front row seat, instead of serving as supporting background elements.

This antique Agra carpet has a highly refined sense of formality that is emphasized by the symmetry of its design and organization around a central medallion. The corners of the field are given equal weight central medallion. In addition, the series of formal borders take up a considerable area of the Indian carpet. Each of these formal elements is given nearly equal weight in the design, giving the rug a balanced feel, yet a sense of grand scale as well.

This timeless and masterful antique carpet will make an excellent addition as the centerpiece of any larger room. The mellowed colors of the antique Indian Agra carpet transform it into a piece that will add texture and color to the room, without drawing attention to itself. This Agra carpet could play a complementary role, or it could serve as the main attraction in a room with equally weighted subtle colors.

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