Breathtaking Oversized Large Scale Antique Agra Rug 48660

Price: $185,000.00 Sale: $135,000.00

| Size: 20 ft 8 in x 26 ft 8 in (6.3 m x 8.13 m) | Request Price | Print

Breathtaking Oversized Agra Rug 48660, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Indian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – True to the traditionally sweeping styles of Agra rugs, this masterpiece features a wintry color palette that effortlessly invokes scenes of snowy sophistication. Surrounding the core of the Indian rug are several rich borders, the largest of which features a bright, blue background that houses a multitude of beautiful blooms in varying sizes. Soft beige and coffee brown come together to provide the perfect natural complement to the blue, resulting in effortlessly established boundaries and borders. Closer to the antique rug’s center, the foreground is dominated by a series of thin branches, completing the wintry landscape and creating clear contrast between the colors.

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