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Superfluous, flamboyant and elegant only begin to describe the sumptuous style of the antique rugs from India. Since the 16th century, deft craftspeople in India were competing against established weaving centers in Turkey and Persia. Led by Mughal shahs, India became a powerful artistic force known for immense creations like the Taj Mahal. Indian carpets are no less important or ambitious in their scale, complexity and superb level of color and detail.

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Early Mughal carpets crafted in the royal ateliers of Agra determined the style of the first creations and subsequent rugs. As British exporters entered the market, Indian carpets featuring elaborate interpretations of traditional Persian and Turkish designs were produced in styles, colors and sizes that would appeal to Western consumers. Many antique rugs from India, hunting carpets and European-influenced art deco rugs were produced in Lahore, Kashmir, Amritsar and Agra. These regional creations are still recognized for their elegant, flamboyant style and uniquely Indian appearance, which incorporates many distinct influences.

Indian Agra rugs from the Mughal period

Agra rugs from India have a varied and eclectic background drawing on all the great achievements of Oriental carpet weaving.

The city of Agra was the Mughal capital from 1566-1569 and again from 1601-1658. A gorgeous and historically important city, Agra is known to most of the world as the home of the 17th century Taj Mahal – one of the Seven Wonders of the World in India.

The art of fine rug making has been an important tradition in Agra since the Mughal period, where some of the very best antique Indian Agra rugs were made. The history of Agra rugs is fascinating. First, it is interesting to note that Indians had never had much need for large carpets themselves, and that the craft of making handmade rugs was introduced to India relatively late.

During the 17th century, a number of skillful Persians were called in to impart their weaving knowledge throughout India. Large rug manufacturing centers were started in Lahore, with the rug patterns as well as the hand-knotting of these pieces closely resembling Persian Rugs. A number of antique carpets from this time are now found in museums throughout Europe and America.

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Showing 1–32 of 195 results