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Geometric Rugs – Nearly all carpets can be broken down into geometric patterns. Whether carpets feature grand medallions and sinuous vine-scrolls, precise latticework rug patterns or coffered compartments, the geometry and mathematics of each right-angle corner or precisely calculated curve is behind the beauty of the grandest and the smallest elements. Islamic mathematicians and “geometers” in Persia helped the country create stunning circular medallions, magnificent arabesques and graceful vine-scrolls that flow with ease. Tribal rugs and city carpets from northwest Persia tend to favor designs based on angular, rectilinear geometry. On the other hand, the famous Sheikh Safi medallion depicted in the famous Ardabil carpet and geometric Gonbad dome medallions all represent a clear understanding of geometric principles and the beauty they represent.

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Tribal weavers in Turkey, Morocco, the Caucasus and many other regions employ rectilinear motifs that have obvious geometric properties. Whether they are based on the principles of the golden mean or abstract, asymmetric proportions, these carpets are fantastically attractive. Weavers across the globe approach geometric patterns differently.

Antique Geometric Rugs by Nazmiyal
Geometric Rugs

In Scandinavia, designers and weavers craft precise lozenges and flat-woven Rolakan that feature ruler-straight patterns. In Morocco, weavers have an improvisational, abstract approach that is totally unique. The beauty of geometric carpet patterns is the diversity and limitless ways in which mathematical principles can be used to create decorative patterns with universal appeal. By considering the geometric principles behind each twist and turn, each precise medallion and each beautifully drawn motif, it’s hard to look at antique carpets in the same way. Abstract, informal or elegant, behind each great carpet is a great understanding of geometry and mathematical principles.

These geometric design carpets are woven using straight, linear, vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines,often employing a central medallion. Antique rugs with geometric designs were typically woven using nomadic cultural symbols representing something cherished by the tribe like in this Turkish Konya rug. They can also portray stylized floral patterns as is seen in some Heriz rugs. More modern adaptations also draw from early 20th century Art Deco and Modernist ideals as can be seen in this oversized Emile Jacques Ruhlman rug.

Incorporating geometric rugs in interior design is a great way to add instant visual interest and a pop of color. And achieving this trend through the use of geometric rugs is a great way to try it out without having to make a big commitment- like wall paper! The brilliance of geometrics is that they can be achieved in almost any style, from vintage rugs, to Antique Persians. Therefor it is a trend for all, no matter the theme of the room!

Explore the antique geometric design rugs from Nazmiyal and you will see that many are vastly different from one another. That said, all these Geometric carpets will your interior design in their own unique way.

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Showing 1–32 of 996 results