Vintage French Tapestry 46999

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| Size: 3 ft 7 in x 5 ft (1.09 m x 1.52 m)Print

This fantastical signed tapestry showcases a spectacular abstract expressionist composition with stylized floral figures that have impressive graphic qualities.

French Tapestry, France, mid-Century РThis vintage tapestry is the ultimate statement piece for any modern mid-century interior. Epitomizing artistic skill and creativity, this stunning vintage French tapestry displays an enrapturing abstract composition with alluring colors, dramatic textures and strong graphic features. This surrealist tapestry designed by Robert Debieve features a bold collection of stylized floral motifs and radiant blossoms visited by a wild Jabberwocky bee. Inky black segments filled with abstract mid-century figures emphasize the rich textures, clear colors and beautifully interwoven decorations that give this original art tapestry its expressive, textural visage. Even the muted glaucous blue field is accented with quirky paper-cut shapes and lenticular stripes that have a strong mid-century style. These soft, cool blue hues are offset boldly by pastel neons and strong accent colors that emphasize the psychedelic flavor of this thoroughly modern French tapestry.

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