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12 Tribes of Israel Symbols Salvador Dali Tapestry 47131

Size: 4 ft 7 in x 5 ft 2 in (1.4 m x 1.57 m)Print

Designed by Salvador Dali in the early 1970s, this stunning vintage French tapestry has a unique blend of symbolism and surrealism infused with Dali's unique style.

Vintage Mid Century Salvador Dali Tapestry of the 12 Tribes of Israel Symbols, Country of Origin: France, Circa Date: Middle part of the 20th century – Known as ‘Symbols of the 12 Tribes,” this vintage French tapestry is an impeccable textile re-creation of a rare Salvador Dali etching. This spacious, symbol-filled design represents a surrealist interpretation of the 12 Tribes of Israel symbols, which have become one of the most iconic and enduring collections of family symbols. Dali skillfully retains the clarity of these recognizable icons while giving them a fresh, original style that captures the artist’s distinctive flavor. This perspectival composition features a distant desert landscape with ghostly people, a giant ant and soft gelato colors. The strong Dali landscape with its distant hills and surrealist features is framed by strategically positioned cameos. Each one of the 12 symbols of Israel’s historic family tribes is represented along with human figures depicted in Dali’s graceful surrealist style.

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