Antique Green Color Square French Art Deco Rug by Leleu 49690

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| Size: 9 ft 9 in x 9 ft 9 in (2.97 m x 2.97 m)Print

Magnificent Antique Green Color Square French Art Deco Rug by Leleu, Country of Origin / Rug Type: French Rug, Circa Date: 1920 – This beautiful French art deco carpet by Leleu is an excellent example of the art deco movement of the 1920’s. The House of Leleu was known for its designs that featured traditional Rococo motifs with an attempt to bring them into modernist design tastes. This beautiful square size rug features elaborate scrolls and leaf patterns that have been reduced to their most basic elements.

This French rug features a solid green background, which creates a feeling of renewal, growth, calmness and harmony. The design appears to be complex but is carried out using only three colors. Depth is created using two tones. A cream color for the interior and a gray for the shading. These neutral colored elements are grounded by the use of reddish brown splashes of color in the design itself.

This artistic rug is indicative of an art deco design that uses only a few lines to convey the appearance of complexity. This is typical of the art deco movement and an attempt to use traditional rug designs and modernize them. The result is something that is quite elegant and wonderfully refined.

Originally, the House of Leleu designed pieces that were meant to be a part of a collection. Seldom does one find an entire collection and most now exist as single pieces. This specific French art deco rug by Leleu would be an excellent addition to other House of Leleu pieces. That said,  would also be perfect for almost any art deco designed home interiors.

This French art deco rug by Leleu has a beautifully classic feel. The clean lines of the design make it versatile enough to carry more modern interiors such as Bauhaus or Scandinavian design.

The soft colors of the European rug and natural design elements give it a feel that reflects the natural world. Any piece by the House of Leleu should be at the top of any rug collector’s list because of the change in the art world that it represents.

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