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French Rugs – Designers and artists in France have influenced individuals around the world. The voguish style of antique French rugs from any era dictated worldwide design trends. This revolutionary nation started the Art Deco style and the first modern design movement, but they also pioneered the elegance of Baroque and Rococo styles. From the Savonnerie carpets and Goblins tapestries commissioned by Louis XIV to the Art Deco rugs created by the first pop-culture designers, it’s difficult to find a nation that influenced classic Baroque designs and modern trends as much as France did. The fashions of France are continually evolving, but these spectacular antique French rugs and European tapestries are enduring records of the transformation, making them unique among antique rug origins. The antique tapestry rugs of Aubusson and the fine needlepoint carpets that exude elegance are products of the nation’s abiding love for design.

Inventions and technological advances like the Jacquard loom and weaving cartoons based on the art of accomplished painters were all taken in stride. Unlike areas that resist change, French designers live and breathe revolution. This spontaneous creativity produced some of the most iconic styles in history. The floriferous garlands featured in antique Savonnerie and Aubusson carpets are abruptly contrasted by the experimental Art Deco styles that followed. French designers have consistently been willing to break the mold, redefine classicism and develop new styles. These characteristics have helped antique French carpets and tapestries earn an everlasting place in our hearts and homes.

French rugs are known for the stately and elegant Aubusson and Savonnerie designs. The Aubusson is a flat woven rug typically featuring a medallion and a pastel palette. Unlike the Aubusson, the Savonnerie features a thicker pile although it similarly shares the soft colors. Produced from the 17th through 19th centuries primarily for the upper class, French rugs epitomized high design. Typically these rugs are large in size due to their usage in palatial and stately homes.

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Showing 1–32 of 78 results