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Antique Arts and Crafts English Wilton Carpet 42374


Size: 12 ft 8 in x 15 ft (3.86 m x 4.57 m)
Origin: England Rugs

Radiant floral medallions arranged in a kaleidoscopic repeating pattern adorn this magnificent antique American Arts and Crafts carpet and create a dazzling visage.

Antique Arts and Crafts Rug, Origin: England – This arresting antique English Arts and Crafts Wilton carpet represents the sublime magnificence of Victorian designs, which take neoclassical figures to elaborate heights. The sumptuous sanguine field is decorated with radiant floral whorls that contain poppy reds, vermilions and dark crimson accents juxtaposed against stately Lincoln green segments that give the patterns tremendous relief. Small-scale windmills with spiraling arms function as eye-catching space fillers that punctuate the area between the dramatic acanthus octo-foils and large-scale medallions, which are covered with a foil of dramatic roses and dainty botanical figures. Phenomenal flower-filled borders with ornate strapwork accents and precise mitered intersections provide a dramatic conclusion that rivals the radiance of the kaleidoscopic field. This antique English Axminster carpet has a powerful presence that balances proportion, color and decorative elements beautifully while achieving the exaggerated elegance of the Victorian age.

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