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Mesmerizing Floral Antique English Needlepoint Rug 3000


Size: 6 ft 3 in x 7 ft 9 in (1.9 m x 2.36 m)
Origin: England Rugs

Bordered by European bouquets set in ogival cartouches, this English needlepoint rug represents a classic combination of east and west.

Beautiful Floral Design Antique English Needlepoint Rug, Country of Origin: England, Circa Date: Mid To Late 19th century – Needlepoint rugs are designed to showcase an elegant yet dramatic amount of detail. In this impressive flat woven antique English needlepoint rug, the viewer is free to explore the landscape within, marveling at the fine lines and details imparted to the various sections of the English rug. The most notable activity occurs at the very heart of the antique rug, where a multitude of flowers and blooms seem to roll around each other in a beautifully waving network. The outlines of the borders provide the viewer with necessary grounding as they navigate through the floral landscape, and the dark tones stand out well against the lighter ones in order to draw attention to both the negative and positive space of this mesmerizing floral antique English Needlepoint rug.

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