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Antique Embroideries and Embroidered Textiles – Antique embroideries and Suzani embroideries are hand-stitched textiles that are often decorative in design. They can be composed of fine materials such as silk and may even contain metal threading or other precious elements like pearl or gold.

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The antique embroideries are some of the most collectible type of textiles. The best and most sought-after examples are quite rare and appreciated by both consumers and collectors from all over the world. Below you will find our correct collection of antique textiles that are available to be purchased. Embroidery work is commonly seen on clothing, bedding and other decorative fabric items for sale. These days, most of the embroidery work is done by machines which make the process faster and more exact. But it wasn’t always this way.

Although embroidering is often thought to be nothing more than a hobby for people to do in their spare time, it used to serve a much greater purposes. Before cameras and other forms of technology were developed, many historic scenes were stitched out as a way to remember them. This took a lot of space, so many of the embroidered textiles were several feet in length. Sometimes, people also stitched pictures of their loved ones or important political or religious figures. And since their embroidery work was so so cherished and of such a high quality, much of it survived to tell the stories of what these early people went through.

Antique embroidery textile work can be dated by not only looking at the material that it was sewn on, but also the style of the stitching. Antique embroidered textile work that was done thousands of years ago was much more ornate. Over time, embroideries became more simplified though. Certain religious groups taught the textile art form in different ways, and their viewpoints had an influence on its adaptation. Large embroidered textiles were no longer considered important.

Antique folk art embroidery textile weavers often started out with small scraps of fabric to practice on called “samplers”. Banners with quotes on them were also stitched. And detailed edging that included flowers and animal figures became more prominent.

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Showing 1–32 of 43 results

Showing 1–32 of 43 results