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Antique West Turkestan Yomut rug 47068

$8,500.00 $3,600.00

Size: 4 ft x 5 ft (1.22 m x 1.52 m)
Style: Yomut rugs

Crafted in Turkestan, this handsome antique Yomoud rug features stunning compartmental repeating patterns separated by ornate strapwork accents.

Antique Yomut rug, Country Of Origin: West Turkestan / central Aisia, Circa Date: 1900– Symbolic figures and graphic geometric repeating patterns decorate this superb antique Yomut rug, which displays a beautiful array of tribal symbols associated with Turkmen weavers and the large and important Yomut rug group. The grand ensi-style composition divides this regal carpet into a series of lavish compartments with coffered strap work walls that display original symbols and a handsome array of maroons and carmine reds. Angular hands-on-hips motifs decorate the coffered compartments with an exquisite, beautifully restrained repeating pattern. These decorative boxes are enclosed by angular guard bands filled with arthropod starbursts, serrated cocoons and geometric tiles. These richly decorative bands are offset by a composite end piece that displays towering ram’s horn poles and tree motifs with deeply serrated branches. Clear whites, robust blues and beautifully variable Turkmen reds add to the decorative aesthetic of this splendid antique Yomut rug.

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