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Small Pomegranate Design Antique Purple Silk Khotan Runner Rug 49970


Size: 1 ft 10 in x 5 ft 9 in (0.56 m x 1.75 m)

A Beautiful and Rare Small Pomegranate Design Antique Purple Silk Khotan Runner Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique East Turkestan Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 РThe first thing that you notice about this beautiful and unique purple silk antique Khotan rug is the vibrancy of its purple color. This antique silk rug was produced around approximately the year 1900, yet its colors have remained vibrant throughout the decades. Silk has a reputation for being strong, resilient, and retaining its brilliancy and shine.

Khotan has produced some of the most unique antique rugs in the world and continues to do so. The reason for this is that this desert oasis was a stopping point for many different cultures and peoples along the traditional trade routes of the Silk Road. In the artwork of the area, you can see elements of traditional Persian design, Chinese rug elements, and tribal elements that all combine to make a regional unique art form.

This rug is an excellent example of the coming together of artistic and cultural elements. The small size rug is clearly divided into two separate areas. It is directional, with a smaller section at the bottom. Both of these sections are arranged using the traditional elements of design seen in Persian rugs. The top portion of the design of this beautiful little antique runner rug has what would be a central medallion, only in this rug it is not in the center of the design. The weight of the design elements is towards the bottom of the antique purple silk Khotan runner rug, giving it a distinctive top and bottle orientation.

The use of geometric and knot work elements in the central motif, corner brackets, and border of the rug provide a distinctly oriental quality. This is further enhanced by the use of high-contrast vivid colors.

This beautiful silk pile antique Khotan runner rug would make it a prized piece in any long, narrow space. The orientation and strong sense of direction in the antique East Turkestan rug make it perfect for drawing the eye to another element in the room. One thing is for certain, this rug is unusual and will be eye catching in any space that it occupies.

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