Breathtaking Large Oversized Antique Khotan Carpet 48219

Size: 14 ft x 20 ft (4.27 m x 6.1 m)Print

Rare and Beautiful Large Oversized Antique Khotan Carpet, Country of Origin: East Turkestan, Circa Date: 1910 –¬†An alluring array of red flowers spreads over the ivory body of this beautiful¬†antique Khotan carpet. A series of nine plump red blossoms forms the largest elements of the pattern, each centered with a simple flower with eight petals. A lacy network of green stems surrounds these, leading outward to stretch toward the next, almost meeting but never quite touching. Red blossoms stud these arrangements, their petals stitched like licking flames, accompanying finely detailed leaves. Crisp red lines delineate a thin band enclosing the central area of this large size antique rug. A petite vine wends through this narrow space, linking spade-like leaves and fiery blooms. A similar, larger band on the outside of this antique Oriental rug matches the inner, together edging a wide border full of the circular red blossoms.