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Antique Long and Narrow Oriental Khotan Rug 41761

$16,500.00 $11,500.00

Size: 7 ft 8 in x 15 ft 1 in (2.34 m x 4.6 m)

Woven in Khotan, this unique carpet features a classic Tauk Nuska gul motif pattern framed by symbolic borders woven in a combination of earthy neutrals and brown.

Decorative Antique Long and Narrow Oriental Khotan Rug, Country Of Origin: East Turkestan Rugs , Circa Date: Early 20th Century – Here we have a truly marvelous and incredibly impressive antique Oriental rug! This extremely decorative, long and narrow size antique Khotan rug is a genuine hand woven carpet that was created by the skilled weavers in East Turkestan. An amazing rug to behold, the superior design and craftsmanship of this stunning Khotan is certainly an enduring testament to the level of skill possessed by the artisanal craftsmen of East Turkestan. Borders decorated with geometric symbols and prominent double ram’s horn designs along the inner borders frame the central field area of this highly decorative antique rug from East Turkestan. Nauk Nuska guls featuring the telltale symbol show the broad influence of neighboring cultures in regional weaving tradition. All in all, this is a impressive antique Oriental rug is certain to bring an unparalleled level of sophistication and class to any home’s interior design.

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