hr Antique Khotan Rug 45499

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Style: Khotan Rugs | Origin: East Turkestan Rugs | Size: 4 ft 10 in x 6 ft 8 in (1.47 m x 2.03 m)
Antique Khotan Rug 45499

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Khotan Rug, East Turkestan, Circa 1900 - Created in Khotan, East Turkestan, this classic antique carpet features a circular pomegranate medallion with rounded ovoid edges. Carefully spaced shrubs, branching pomegranate motifs and symbolic details surround the central fixture. Multiple sets of complementary borders enclose the carefully composed field while checkered sunrays radiating from Ruyi clouds frame the detailed inner borders and diagonal pinyin wan fretwork motifs, which embellish the central borders. Incorporating influences from the Far East, this antique rug from Khotan features Buddhist-inspired Ruyi clouds, subtle fretwork spandrels and pinyin wan details. Branching pomegranate motifs, a traditional symbol of abundance, and geometric stars surrounded by heart-shaped arabesques continue the grounded earth-tone color scheme, which incorporates tawny brown, oxidized azure blue, warm flaxen yellow and blushing mauve details.