Impressive Sellection of Early Rugs and Important Antique Carpets

Early Rugs – The Nazmiyal Antique Rugs Collection of spans many centuries and origins. The rugs highlighted on this page are examples of the earliest-dated rugs and carpets in our collection. These rugs are excellent examples of the craftsmanship and artistry of their creators, and in addition to being beautifully decorative, they are true historical artifacts of the cultures of their origins.

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While technically the term “antique” denotes rugs and textiles that are at least eighty years old, in common use it implies pieces that belong to the period from 1850 – 1930. The great majority of antique rugs come from this period since this was the time of great expansion in production to meet the needs of a new and much broader western market.

Those early rugs, produced before 1725, are rarer still. These pieces come from a time when the ruling dynasties of Persia, the Caucasus, Ottoman Turkey, Mogul India, and China were still powerful and capable of supporting the production of the highest quality carpets.

Such pieces are distinguished by the terms “early” or “classical,” because of their much greater age, their extraordinary quality, and because of the greater cultural authenticity of their design.

As long-treasured antiquities, many classical pieces are surprisingly well preserved and are still usable as floor covering. The extreme rarity of such pieces, however, especially those in good condition, makes them the most expensive of antique rugs and textiles.

Antique early rugs from the period between approximately 1750 – 1850 are rarer; they belong to what is regarded by collectors as a “pre-commercial” period.

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View below the breathtaking and rare selection of early antique rugs:

Showing 1–32 of 73 results

Showing 1–32 of 73 results