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Antique Chinese Rank Badge 46183

Size: 0 ft 10 in x 0 ft 10 in (0.25 m x 0.25 m)
Origin: China

Endless fretwork mazes decorate the borders and background of this elegant antique Chinese rank badge along with many auspicious symbols and precious objects.

Antique Chinese Badge, Origin: China, Circa: Late 19th Century – This magnificent antique Chinese rank badge depicts a wealth of precious objects and deeply symbolic motifs that are arranged in a traditional buzi composition. The endless pinyin wan fretwork motif background artfully continues throughout the field and borders while completing an elegant transition from gilded gold to bold blue. Bian fu bats, silvery waves, lush chrysanthemum blossoms and precious objects decorate the lavish central compartment. The exquisite borders incorporate a similarly diverse assortment of auspicious motifs, including shou symbols representing longevity, lucky bian fu bats, Buddhist lotus blossoms and graceful birds that are set over the exquisite fretwork background. This stunning antique Chinese rank badge incorporates a tremendous selection of ancient symbols that are rendered in stunning metallic colors.

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