Antique Chinese Ningsia Rug 46713

Origin: China Rugs

Woven in the late 19th century, this antique Ningsia rug depicts an elegant floral medallion accompanied by frolicking butterflies, an auspicious symbol of joy.


4 ft 4 in (1.32 m)


6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

Chinese Rug, China, Late 19th Century – This beautifully executed antique Chinese carpet from the legendary weaving center of Ningsia has a regal countenance with robust colors, stylized decorations and a strong medallion composition. Impeccable pinyin wan borders with maze-like intersections travel around the perimeter of the field along with straight-line accents and strapwork inner borders that are punctuated with square spangles. The lavish field displays an expressive, exuberant assortment of dainty plants and floral sprays that are shown with graceful butterflies, a traditional symbol of love, joy and happiness. Ample negative space cushions the lavish butterfly-and-tendril medallion and defines the beautifully drawn bouquets and butterflies that dot the sumptuous mustard-tone field and frame the central medallion figure. From the restrained composition to the harmonious colors and naturalistic pairing of plants and joyous butterflies, this antique Ningsia carpet embodies the harmony and classicism of Eastern designs.

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