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Early 18th Century Antique Chinese Geometric Rug 48032


Size: 12 ft x 14 ft (3.66 m x 4.27 m)
Origin: China
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A truly majestic work, this carpet beautifully showcases some of the finer points of Chinese rug design, including an understated composition.


Magnificent Red Background Color Antique Chinese Geometric Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa: Early 18th Century –  A wonderful example of a whole operating on a higher level than the sum of its parts, this antique Chinese rug consists of simple borders, as well as a traditional, straightforward red color field. The outermost border is a bar of solid black, which beautifully sets the tone for the remainder of this harmonious piece. A traditional repeating patter on black on red serves as the primary border, sandwiched between narrow bands of pale blue. Within the field, a tessellating pattern that is a spin on the traditional star and cross lattice pattern, a series of geometric figures interlock with one another, each featuring subtle but rich detail work. The overall effect is one of balance and unity – concepts of the utmost important to classical Chinese design.


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