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Early 18th Century Antique Chinese Geometric Rug 48032

Size: 12 ft x 14 ft (3.66 m x 4.27 m)
Origin: China

A wonderful example of a whole operating on a higher level than the sum of its parts, this antique Chinese rug consists of simple borders, as well as a traditional, straightforward red color field. The outermost border is a bar of solid black, which beautifully sets the tone for the remainder of this harmonious piece. A traditional repeating patter on black on red serves as the primary border, sandwiched between narrow bands of pale blue. Within the field, a tessellating pattern that is a spin on the traditional star and cross lattice pattern, a series of geometric figures interlock with one another, each featuring subtle but rich detail work. The overall effect is one of balance and unity – concepts of the utmost important to classical Chinese design.

A Magnificent Rich Red Background Color Antique Chinese Geometric Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Chinese Rug, Circa date: Early 18th Century –  This majestic work of art dates from the early 18th century, when the Qing Dynasty ruled over China. This spectacular antique Chinese rug was created during a time of civil unrest and turbulence in what would prove to be the last great Dynasty to rule China. The Qing dynasty arose from a loose confederation of nomadic tribes and the arts were used to seal their legitimacy to the throne. The highly refined arts, such as this fine example, were a form of political rebellion.

Understanding the place of this spectacular antique geometric design Chinese rug and its place in world history makes it even more special as an antique rug collector’s piece. This antique rug shows the academic style that arose during this time, through the use of precisely executed geometric form. Formal pieces were often the work of court artists, rather than individuals. One thing to note is that red is the color of happiness, joy, and prosperity in Chinese art and folklore.

The stylized keystone wan design borders are characteristic of traditional Chinese art and serve as a frame to the central design. The design, in this 18th century Chinese rug, is based on repetition of the geometric consistently throughout the piece. This antique Oriental rug demonstrates the skill and mastery of the artist, as the repeating patterns are nearly perfect in their execution.

This rare early 18th century antique Chinese geometric rug is beautifully preserved for is age, and the colors are still vibrant. This is a striking piece that would make an excellent addition to any collection of oriental art. It is a classic that represents an important historical era, while the geometric design and rich colors make it a perfect statement piece for a multitude of home decor approaches.

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