Antique Silk Chinese Carpet 46351

Origin: China Rugs

Beautifully colored and impeccably drawn, this awe-inspiring antique Chinese silk dragon carpet represents harmony in color, form and Eastern symbolism.


5 ft 3 in (1.6 m)


8 ft (2.44 m)

Chinese Rug, China c. 1900 – Rooted in Eastern classicism, this breathtaking antique Chinese rug features a thrilling assortment of decorative dragons and iconic ornaments woven in an assortment of vibrant silk fibers that have an elegant luster. The celestial moonlight blue ground is framed by a row of frothy cresting waves that adjoin the airy cloud-and-sunray borders, which contain a fantastic combination of gradient blues and mossy avocado greens. Eastern symbolism, numerology and art are brought to life in the spectacular field, which displays a symmetric medallion comprised of nine auspicious dragons accompanied by vaporous Ruyi-shaped clouds, flaming pearls and symbolic ornaments. Contrasting talons, furcated tails and tactile scales enhance the bold dragon figures, which have animated expressions and lively undulating contours that give the motifs a lifelike presence while maintaining the impeccable symmetry and compositional balance.

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