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Antique Chinese Rug 50148

Size: 10 ft 5 in x 13 ft 10 in (3.17 m x 4.22 m)
Origin: China

Antique Chinese Rug, Early 20th Century —¬†This antique rug displays a bright blue color field bearing a motif of individual blossoms in white, cream, pink and black colors. A large central medallion presents a cluster of blossoms in these colors with white and pink leaves and fine white tendrils, all arrayed across a circular area around a single unique flower. It bears separate interspersed black and pink petals, highlighted in white. Four floral-themed spandrels bracket each corner. The rug possesses a broad pink border decorated with dark blue petaled flowers, plus a narrower cream and pink colored inner guard border displaying decorative vine scrolls alternating with blossoms. The border color appears uneven in some places, in a few spots even varying into apricot hues. The outer blue guard border remains undecorated and resembles the field in color. Blue shades sometimes appear in historic Chinese rugs, often in contrast with lighter hues of apricot. Ovals, circles and shapes symbolizing balance and good fortune represent popular themes.

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